Five Successes

While I struggle to keep up with my blog (let alone with every one's elses), I have created another blog. This makes my third.

My second blog has sort of faded into dusty abandonment - mostly because I think it really needs pictures and I would prefer to use my own rather than constantly nabbing other peoples'. I think I should showcase what I have done not what someone else has done.

The new blog is called Five Successes. The idea is to post five successes, achievement, positive things that happened that day. Anyone is free to post - all you have to do is send an e-mail and blogger will post it. E-mail address is listed on the blog.

The dusty blog was called Recipe a Day.


ghee said…
thats nice!the dusty one is interesting,too!

ill try to email you if i got 5 successes that can pass to your taste :)
Cool idea! Just listened to CBC talk about the best Sci-Fi movie re-mastered ...Forbidden Planet...and now I get why you named your blog that!!!
Richard said…
ghee: you just have to e-mail to the address on the page and it will automatically appear. No need for me to interfere.

MOI: have they just remastered it? Hmmm ... I might have to get that copy then. I have it on DVD, but it has a number of artifacts, so a cleaner one would be nice. Yes, it is a fantastic movie. Best seen in the theatre. I saw it over 10 times in the theatre (in the past, Montreal had wonderful repertory cinemas). Ottawa has a repertory cinema (The Mayfair)as well, but it now plays more recent films. Though, back in 1992, it used to place a nice mix of older films - I saw The Man Who Would be King there as well as Metropolis. There is also an independent cinema - The Bytowne Cinema
I'm pretty sure that's what they said. I've never seen it but I'm not into Sci-fi much. Check Blockbuster etc. Is the Mayfair really old? Think my parents used to go there when they were young kids!
The huge screen at Cinesphere at Ontario Place is fabulous! Like the original at Montreal, Expo '67. (Guess you're too young to have seen it! I was in Gr. 8!)
Richard said…
MOI: I would have been a year old, but I was not yet in Canada either (still in Great Britain). The Mayfair first opened its doors on 5-December-1932.
KayMac said…
only had a chance to look over a bit of 5 successes,....but I like it! will return soon
freckled-one said…
Oh my goodness... where do you find the time. I can barely keep up with my own comments lately. I'll certainly have to check it out.
Richard said…
kaymac: don't just look at it, feel free to participate. Just think of 5 successes, achievements, or positives that you had that day (in my case the previous day). Just e-mail them to the address on the blog and they will be automatically posted. I think it is a valuable exercise. I think it can also help you identify where your priorities or focus are.

freckled-one: I am having a hard time to keep up as well (note the failure of Recipe a Day), it seems that I alternate between doing comments and posts – mostly because I have significantly less privacy at work since our latest internal move and it is harder for me to unobtrusively get a few discrete minutes to manage things. As for Five Successes, well, it is designed to be pretty brain dead; I just jot 5 things down in an e-mail and send it. I also disabled comments because I definitely don’t have the time to respond to them. As mentioned, everyone is free to participate by e-mailing their successes, achievements, or positives.

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