I'd rather have a root canal than ...

I have to say that it was not unpleasant or painful. It is not something I would recommend as a recreational activity, but having a root canal was no big deal.

I was well frozen and felt nothing. After the freezing wore off, I still felt nothing. Although, when I would bang my molars together while chewing, I would feel pain in the jaw around the tooth socket. I never realized that while chewing, I occasionally knock my teeth together. Hmmm.

Tuesday, the socket was a less sensitive and today everything feels perfectly fine. No pain, no discomfort.

So for those who may be having a root canal in their future, I have to say that it is nothing to worry about.

One thing I found need (aside from looking at the X-rays of my tooth) was the spacer the stuck in my mouth. Previously, I have always had to keep my mouth open when visiting the dentist. This time (because the procedure lasted 1-1/2 hours), I was given a small plastic block, which I placed between my molars (on the side not being worked on) and bit down on. This kept my mouth open with me having to consciously remember or be reminded.

You know, they gave me that plastic block too last time I visited the dentist. I had never heard about it before but I loved it. I'm always going to ask for it from now on. Very comfortable.

Glad you didn't experience much pain. I've never had a root canal...yet.
Yeah, the block made the experience less tiring.

Root canals are done in the case of very deep cavities where cleaning them out would leave very little tooth material between the filling and the root - thus making the tooth sensitive to temperature. The solution is simple - avoid cavities.

I found the whole procedure little different from a regular filling, just longer. The other major difference is that for the first time in close to 30 years, they used a dam (this is that rubber or latex sheet the place over your mouth to catch any debris).
I think there is still something to worry to about: the cost! heehee =P
Bravo! Glad you came through with flying colors. Unfortunately it will probably not be your last one...
glad all went ok.
coffee fairy: in my case, my insurance will cover most of it. There was a small difference in the fee scale the dentist used and what my insurance was willing to pay. The difference is around $20 or so.

barbara: I hope it is my last. I can't afford to have more cavities. I found it neat that a cavity could form under a filling. I will need two crowns some day.

kaymac: thanks. I am glad it was not traumatic at all.
Glad it went well and there wasn't much pain. Guess it's different for everyone. You're one of the lucky ones! My bite felt weird for a long time.

Happy steak-eating!!
There is a slight loss of perception in that tooth. Running the tongue over it feels different from running it over other teeth. Mind you, this is a molar and maybe it would be different if it were an incisor or canine.
I have indeed learned much about root canal from your experience. Thanks for sharing. ;)
I'm glad that you had little pain involved with your root canal. And you're feeling all better I hope. =o)
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