"Do you know what you're doing?"

"My dear chap, I can't wait to find out."

Exchange between the Brigadier and the Doctor, in "The Daemons"

Image nabbed from here.


b said…
I've let this quote marinate for a bit and I just keep laughing as a response...perhaps because I sub-consciously feel this way at times.
Cavalock said…
oh...i remember reading the paperback when i was a kid. never saw the episode though.
TorAa said…
What an impertinent question.
But, you are right. What am I doing now? Skriver på norsk. Hvorfor.
(Writing in Norwegian. Why) And even translates it.
You know why?

Piece of cake: Alle foreign language movies here are subtitled into Norwegian. That's ok, when the actors speaks slowly or shortly, but when words pouring out of their mouths like waterfalls, or people are shouting against each other, it's rather hard to follow chinese and russian movies a.o.

What was the point????
Richard said…
breal: the third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) had a lot of good lines and exchanges, although, he (and every other doctor) are overshadowed by Tom Baker’s Doctor.
I think it is more powerful without the “My dear, chap” preface.

cavalock: it is considered by some to be a weaker episode, but I liked it. I thought it provided a good illustration of e = mc^2.

toraa: I don't think the question was impertinent at all because it wasn't directed at anyone it.

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