The 8 year old princess

Today is Tania's birthday and she is 8 years old.

I still remember when she was born, when I held her in my arms.

She is my princess and always will be, no matter how old we get.

Picture is of Tania and two of her cousins.

Photo credit: Richard of Forbidden Planet.


So precious! That's what my dad said and still says about his 3 daughters and he's 87! Fathers and daughters have a special bond.
Cavalock said…
hah! Happy birthday Tania!
vina said…
awww...belated happy birthday to your princess, richard!

time just flies...
KayMac said…
Happy belated birthday, Princess Tania!!!!

Beautiful pic!
b said…
Happy Birthday, Tania.
Ancilla said…
Happy belated birthday to you, Tania....

May God leads you always and in all ways...
Thanks for directing Coffee Fairy to my song! I just happened to look at my site meter and followed it back and commented on hers.
Surprising that many of us are just as reflective about our lives whether we be young or old. I will be forever!
Richard said…
MOI: I have a different bond with each of my kids, but one is not better or worse than the other. Until you are a parent, you never realize that you are always your parents kid - regardless of age. There is never a point when you transition to being an individual - you are always an individual and always a child. From a kid's point of view: we are equal to our parents, but our parents are always greater than us.

I share with others what I think is meaningful. Your song is very nice and I thought it might be meaningful to coffee fairy based on the content of her post. One thing I have discovered in reading blogs is that existential angst seems to be pretty universal. Although, I did not experience it until I was 36 - until then, life was pretty darn good. Although, I did notice that a number of my friends went through existential angst when they were around 25 / 26 and I didn' understand why.

Another place you can check out for stats on your sight is Technorati. You can enter your blog address (in the Search For bar) and it will show you a list of blogs linking to yours. I periodically discover new people who have been reading my blog this way.

cavalock: thanks!

vina: thank you. It flies faster and faster the older you get.

kaymac: coincidentally, Tania means fairy princess (Sofia's choice, I wanted to go with Cassandra, but she nixed it saying it sounded too much like a soap opera name and its diminutive Cassie sounded too much like almost or near miss in Spanish.

breal: thank you.

ancilla: thank you. I hope God guides us all always all ways. (yes, I deliberately made that "Whoa! Slow down and read it again.")
KayMac said…
beautiful name for a beautiful girl!
I do think there is never enough that we can do for our parents to honour them and match what they've done for us.

Thanks for the site tip.
Richard said…
kaymac: in many ways it suits her.

MOI: just be the best person you can be
ghee said…
heyy,Happy Bday,Tania!!8 yrs old,almost the same as Ally,she`ll turn 8 this oct. :)
Richard said…
ghee: I am sure you will let the world know about it.

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