noun the raising of hairs on the skin as a result of cold, fear, etc; GOOSEFLESH. [late Latin horrilation-, horripilatio, from Latin horripilare to bristle, be shaggy, from horrēre to bristle, tremble + pilusa hair]

Definition taken from the Penguin English Dictionary.


Barbara said…
I love Latin derivations. Will I remember this word? Probably not. But it's interesting reading anyway.
I hate horripilation when I get out of swimming in the cold river in late August! It actually hurts like knives slicing up and down my legs and gets worse if I bend. It HORRIFIES me! (Not kidding..it's due to profound peripheral neuropathy...there are lots of times I just can't go in the cold water.)
tin-tin said…
goosebumps? hehe ;p
Richard said…
barbara: for some curious reason I love to know the derivation as well and consider dictionaries which fail to provide the information poorer.

MOI: It is not a work I expect to eve use or come across again. I encountered while reading Poimandres by Hermes Trismegistus. A gnostic text. I have no idea why the translator chose to use horripilation instead of goosebumps.

However, since you hav eused it in a sentence, you are more likely to remember the word than I.

tin-tin: yes.
That's why teachers always got those kids to put theur "list" words in a sentence!!
Plus I'm horrified when it happens so that's a good word association.
And besides, you just used it in a sentence here so you will not forget it either! HA!

(Should get out my red pen for spelling errors though for both of us! I make far too many since I'm a lousy typist!)
Richard said…
I hate discovering typos. I try to avoid typing directly into the comment field, but sometimes I just want to quickly leave a few words and still mange to have it filled with awful typos.

For longer posts, I will type it up in Word and correct any spelling mistakes, but it has its limits. For example, it will correct the as the (a common typo for me because the word is type with two hands - in my case), but it will not correct thin kin as think in.

I often find myself pushing the last letter of a word into the first letter of the next word or prematurely hitting space – whichever way you want to look at it.

I have often thought what I really need is to have a blogging editor who will go over my scribblings and force me to make them tighter and better. Rather than just dumping my thoughts into cyberspace directly (or at least with more than 5 seconds of sober second thought).
But that would take so long to type into word first....I do the same thing with letter order..like teh for the. We're all in a hurry.

No wonder you have problems using "Word"....you gotta get rid of The "Mange" from your words! This is so funny! (I'm just kidding you, of course.)

"I just want to quickly leave a few words and still mange to have it filled with awful typos."
Richard said…
MOI: aaaaaack!

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