When will Grandma be Alive Again?

Jason asked me this about a month after my mom died. I told him that it wouldn't be until the resurrection and Second Coming (my eschatological beliefs include Jesus coming again to judge the living and the dead, the resurrection of the body and life everlasting - it should be a pretty standard, non-controversial Christian belief).

Jason then started praying, "... and I pray daddy won't die."

I had to explain to him that everyone will die and that if he prays for me not to die, then he will be disappointed, because I will. We all will.

Now he has changed his prayer to, "... and I pray daddy will not be too old."

I guess that is better.

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KayMac said…
Love the way kids' minds work.
Barbara said…
That first realization that we're not immortal is hard for any child. By the time you die, Jason will be prepared to handle it, but it's hard for him to imagine right now.
ghee said…
i could almost imagine the two of you having that kind of conversation.and your good at answering them very well,with jurisdiction :)
Aw..that is just precious, one for the memory book. Well, maybe his prayer will work and you won't get too old too fast!
tin-tin said…
jason is sweet.. you like the prayer more now? i don't. don't you like to die because of old age?
Richard said…
kaymac: they always operate innocently / naively.

barbara: let's hope he is ready for it. I don't really think he is aware of it. I think he is simply reacting more to the risk of immediate loss rather than any deep understanding of death.

ghee: I probably have lots of "non-age appropriate" conversations with my kids.

MOI: I hope so too.

tin-tin: I noticed that too.

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