The empty tomb

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Happy Easter! God bless...
Thank you and a happy and holy Easter for you too.
Happy Easter...a day late!
When I was singing an Easter Catata in the local churches, the readers read that there was a big earthquake and then the stone was rolled away. I couldn't help but wonder if perhaps that was the reason rather than people moving it. This sounds so "science aware" which is not my usual take on things, but maybe there are things and events that could have a scientific explanation. Not that it would change my faith, because for me, even if the Bible was mostly parables,Jesus was still a messenger of God and showed us the way to live with a spiritually kind attitude towards others.
MOI: I think too many people try to shoehorn God into a very specific interpretation (generally limiting him to between the covers of the KJV).

I am more liberal in my view of God. In fact, I am considered pretty much heretical on my view of the Bible as a "record of the Jewish experience of God" instead of the "God dictated word of God".
Yes, I tend to interpret it pretty loosely too.
MOI: I am not sure I would say my interpretation is "loose", but it is certainly not literal.
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