Google Maps Security Threat?

From time to time, I will read in the media how some organization or other claims Google Maps as a security threat because it claims that the high resolution photos permit monitoring of troop movements and so forth.

I think this is untrue because when I look at the maps of areas I know, they are out of date - it appears by years, not days or weeks - since I fail to see more modern structures.

Here is a photo taken today from Google Maps which shows a park on the western tip of Montreal Island. As you can see, the trees are in full foliage. At the moment, the trees are bare and there is still some snow on the ground. In fact, this map has not changed in the year I have been monitoring it.

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yupes. i tried to use it. and it is amazing to use it. since it really makes the world become more and more "small".

i do concern with the confidentiality and sort of things.
and i dont know that it is not live recorded...

have you check the other place?
The real question is whether any of the landmarks it represents have changed. I don't expect many Google maps change to depict changing seasons.
ancilla: I have looked at my two homes (about 200 km apart), where I work and other places I know. The maps seem years out if date.

barbara: the context I usually hear concern raised is about being able to monitor troop movements or resource allocation. I doubt very much that google's Darfur project is going to present blow by blow pictures of the region either.
Interesting. Makes one wonder if google maps are simply models, with miniature trees and skyscrapers and such! :)
I think you're right...we're not at much risk here. Don't they (other countries)get a lot of info from satellites anyway?
breal: erm ... probably not. Although, Google does have a sense of humour. I suggest you try finding a route from New York to Paris. If you read carefully, when you get to the Atlantic Ocean, it will tell you to swim.

MOI: not every country has satellites. Not every country shares their satellite or spy plane surveillance. I am not sure how much of a threat it is. Certainly it is not a real-time threat. I think it is like most things, a lot of loud hyperbole (and possibly deliberate deceit) to just make noise.
I just heard the New York to Paris directions read on the radio the other day. Gotta like a company w/ a sense of humor.
kaymac: I tried out a number of different destinations. It only seems to work from North America to Europe.
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