The Harrowing of Hell

ADAM: Me thou madest, Lord, of clay,
And gave me Paradise in to play;
But after my sin, sooth to say,
Deprived I was therefro,
And from that weal put away;
And here have lenged sithen ay
In thesterness, both night and day,
And all my kind also.

DAVID: Ah, high God and king of bliss,
Worshipped be thy name, iwis!
I hope that time now comen is
To deliver us of danger.
Come, Lord. Come to hell anon,
And take out thy folk, everyone,
For those years are fully gone
Since mankind first came here.

From The Harrowing of Hell, from the Chester Pageant of the Cooks and Inkeepers.

Image nabbed from here.


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