Went to visit my goddaughter yesterday. She is 10. As I picked her up to give her a hug, I noticed that she had two bumps.


Barbara said…
Seems to happen earlier and earlier these days.
Richard said…
barbara: that is what everyone keeps saying. Mind you, they've been saying it for 20 years or so. I think it has a lot to do with diet - we are better nourished now than in the past.
A lot of the foods kids eat today really stimulate hormones, sometimes actually eating growth hormones ( chicken/ dairy ) and kids eat larger portions of everything than kids did decades ago. I see a lot of early puberty, sometimes age 8.
ghee said…
haha!very funny,Richard!

but know what?the new generation really develops so early :)
Richard said…
dcb: growth hormones in food have been implcated, though I am not sure it has been proven. I think diet is the primary factor. For instance, when I go to Peru, most Peruvians are at least a head shorter than me and I have no concerns walking in any part of Lima. However, the new generation of young people (18 years old) are the same size I am (sometimes even taller) and this is due to better nutrition.

ghee: it was a bit shocking for me, because I still think of her as a little girl. Though, buying her presents has been getting harder.

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