A touch of snow

A bit of snow fell yesterday in Montreal (Ottawa too).

I am still in Montreal.

I have to dig out my car first.

Then drive 200Km over icy and snow covered roads to get to Ottawa.

I may choose not to go.

Normally, we don't get this much snow.

Photo credit: Richard of Forbidden Planet (and, yeah, that is my car in the driveway)


Anonymous said…
I've seen a lot of repots about snow from other North American blog friends too. Now I envy you as we don't have any yet in Oslo, Norway. Could you send some over so we can have a white Xmas too?

RennyBA's Terella
Richard said…
rennyba: ha ha, not a chance! I love the snow. It has been a long time since we had a good snowfall. I am hoping it continues the whole Winter season. Last year, Christmas was green :-(

(though it did snow Boxing Day - the day after Christmas)
tin-tin said…
that's your car wow! you really have to dig it :)
Barbara said…
I call that more than a bit of snow! It's nice to look at, but just the thought of being out in it makes me cold.
b said…
A bit of snow, eh? Wow. Did you end up digging your car out and driving? How long did the digging take? If you did (do) drive, be safe! :)
ingrid said…
That is just craziness. Although I wouldn't mind some snow here this year. I'll take 1% of the Ottawa snow please. :)
Richard said…
tin-tin: yep, you definitely have to dig it :-)

barbara: it is not too bad, just take your time and everything will be fine.

breal: Fortunately, the top how of the driveway was powed for me (Sofia pays for a snow cleaning service). I had to clear about 3 feet of snow behind the car and a bunch on the drivers side. I think it took about 15 minutes (longer if you include the time I spend shovelling the walk to get to the car). Then I just back up the car - though it did take a little rocking back and forth to do that. Then I just cleared the snow off the car.

The drive to Ottawa was pretty miserable for about an 80 Km stretch where the highway was icy and snow packed. The first 20K was pretty good, and the last 100K was very good.

ingrid: sorry, I am hording all the snow, but you are welcome to visit.

It has been a long time since we've had such a nice Winter snow. I am hoping that Ottawa skips its January thaw this year and we get a full Winter of cold and snow. Apparently a total of 37cm has fallen this December. Just shy of a record some 40cm or so set back in the 1940s. A few mm came down today, so far (the forecat is either for freezing rain or 2cm, temperature is -10C).
Yikes! I sure wouldn't chance it! This is definitely the year of old winters gone by from my childhood in the 50's. We've just had our 3rd major dump and it's not even the official start of winter yet. We have 2 1/2 ' now!
TorAa said…
Oh, happy you could find your car.LOL.
Do you Winter Tyres or?
Richard said…
toraa: yes, I do have snow tires, but I am not convinced they are any better than all seasons.

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