End of Year Random Photo Blog

Some soccer action from Tania this past summer.
For some reason they have difficulty painting straight lines in Montreal. This is on Brunswick, just across from the Fairview Shopping Centre. You can see the satellite shot here
Some Rose Hip found growing along Lac St. Louis.
A morning glory found growing among some purple flowers in Parc Summerlea along Lac St. Louis. Google map here.
Some soccer action from Jason this past summer.
Jason and a horsehhoe crab when we were in New York in August.
Giraffe's have blue tongues as can be seen.
This is an edible mushroom. However it has no flavour, so there is little point.
A mother duck and her ducklings. Taken in Parc Summerlea along Lac St. Louis.
Tania and my goddaughter.


Barbara said…
I really miss the kids' soccer games. It's nice to see summer shots this time of the year. It reminds me that summer will come again.
Nice ideas for a New Year's reflection, Richard!

Some year's, a lot of change takes place, others not so much. I guess with kids there is always a fair bit due to simple childhood development. Not so much change for me..the reno maybe. Any trips (like Peru)planned for you in the year to come?

It's great that your kids are active and I know they eat well so they're not going to be statistic of child obesity.

Happy New Year!
aCey said…
those soccer pics makes me wanna play soccer! and your goddaughter looks filipina or part filipina... happy new year in advance, richard! stay warm! :)
Richard said…
barbara: I have hundreds of soccer shots. They are far more exciting than the games themselves, since they hide the mostly lack of action.

MOI: ha ha, it was not an idea for a year end reflection, more like a "What am I going to post about today?" type of solution.

There is little problem with my kids sitting still (especially Jason). Jason is a resltess source of energy. HE is also sports crazy (mostly about hockey).

acey: go and play! My goddaughter is 100% Canadian (though, her parents, now Canadian, did originate in the Philipines)
aCey said…
i wish i could. maybe someday. hehe. :)
Cavalock said…
Happy New Year!

btw, BBC cable here is finally showing Dr Who season 2...just watched the Sarah Jane episode. Not bad. love the emotional reunion bit.
Expat Traveler said…
very cool photos! Visiting via Renny and hello from Vancouver, BC. I loved the crooked lines on the road.
ghee said…
Happy New Year,Richard!

im finally back at home and did be able to check my emails.im so touched with the ecard that you sent me.

thank you Richard,for being a friend last year,and looking forward to keep seeing you this year!

wishing you all the best,good health and wealth,with your family and special ones!

Travis Erwin said…
Like the pics. Happy New Years to you and yours.
b said…
Thanks for sharing these photos! I hope that you have a wonderful New Year's Eve and that the year ahead brings you and your family much happiness!!
Richard said…
acey: do it now because sometime never comes.

cavalock: season 2 started off great with New Earth and Tooth and Claw and School Reunion were pretty average. And School Reunion did have that nice nostaligic factor. But the shows went down from there. I never particularily cared for Rose and less so in the second season. For season 4 they are bringing back that brash Donna fom the Christmas special. I think she will be really, really annoying. Didn't like what they did with the Cybermen either.

expat: sadly, there are plenty of crooked lines in Montreal. Thanks for dropping by.

ghee: thanks! Glad to see that you continue to blog and visit.

travis: thanks! And a happy New Year to you and your family.

breal: thanks!
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