Men Exaggerate How Big They Are

I find it really irritating how many guys over estimate their size.

I am between 183 and 184 cm (a little over 6 feet tall), yet, other men constantly estimate me at being at least 6'2" (sometimes even 6'4").

"No, I'm just over 6 feet," I reply.

"Bah! Impossible!" they splurt back, "I'm 6 foot. You're at least a good 2 inches taller than me."

Then we do that whole measuring thing where it is obvious I'm at least 2 inches taller. Thus confirming I am at least 6'2".

No, I reply back, you are 5'10".

I know how tall I am. I have measured myself many, many times. I am always just over 6 foot.

I am a little taller if I am wearing New Balance joggers, but height is measured without shoes. This is really pervasive, because guys as tall as me, insist they are 6'2".

The moral of this is that guys add at least 2 inches to their size.

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RennyBA said…
I had a good laugh while reading this as I think you are sooo right and how ridicules that size thing is. I am 1,85 and feel fine.

Wishing you a wonderful end to your week :-)
Richard said…
rennyba: if I ever get to Norway and meet you then I will see if you are a tall 185 or a short 185 :P
aCey said…
i kinda noticed that, too. i wonder why...
Barbara said…
Short men always exaggerate for whatever reason. Why is it that we can't just be content with the way we are?

My friends Deb and Neal are the exception. He's about 5'9". She is 6'0". They are happily in love and never notice the height difference.
I used to be 5'9 1/4" but then I shrunk due to two disintegrated disks to 5'8 3/4".My husband's 5'10" but used to wear those Roots negative heels so he looked shorter! Anyway, it shouldn't make much difference.
b said…
Yeah, height does seem to be an insecurity for some men, especially those under 6 feet tall. I've always wondered about what is often termed "short man's complex." There is obviously a powerful social pretense that height equates masculinity.
Richard said…
acey: ha ha, I wish I knew. It is very irritating to be the only one insisting I am not 6'2". I can understand one person making this mistake, but, good grief, almost everyone?

barbara: I find humans are always engaged in some sort of deception. Men with their size and women with their age.

MOI: We all get shorter of time (we are also shorter at the end of the day than at the beginning), but it is usually not too noticeable.

What the heck are negative heels?

breal: I have no idea if height = masculinity, but I find it irritating when people tell me something I know is obviously not true (and not only that, but I have reconfirmed on several occasions). I often wonder if people are consciously aware of social "lies" or not - I often have the impression they are not and will prefer to believe the lie rather than the truth. Even posted a quote about a while back.

Today's magic word ubicusm.
KayMac said…
and women always detract from their weight...5 or 10 lbs.!!
Richard said…
kaymac: perhaps. They are definitely coy about their age.
Note to Kaymac: And our shoe size!!

Richard: Negative heels were the very first shoes that Roots made in about '72. The soles on the forefoot were thicker than the heel so it was like you were slanting your foot down lower at the heel..which didn't work out well because it caused very tight calves! But everyone thought they were cool.
This is particularly tru of men under 5' 5" it seems that 5'7" is as short as a man will go. I have a cousin who is at least 3 inches shorter than I am.
I am 5'6" --he claims to be 5'7" no matter how many times I stand next to him (barefoot while he is wearing shoes) and say

"Hey, I am only 5'6" how can you be 5'7" ?

I am 5'7" he replies.

It is OK to be honest about your height, no big deal.

Him: I know I am 5'7".
You women wear high heels!

Me: I'm barefoot dude. See? no shoes.

Him: Stop standing next to me.

(He's 5'3" will he ever accept it? No. He also sports a massive comb over.)

poor little fella.
ghee said…
hehe,guys add 2 inches to their height while women minus how many numbers from their age,same thing i guess :)
ghee said…
BTW,have you noticed that non bloggers can no longer comment at bloggers blogs?at least i also have my blogspots,but it sucks,dont you think?
Richard said…
MOI: I would also say women are coy about the number fo shoes ...

Those shoes sound painful. Why would anyone think they were cool?

dcb: glad to hear I'm not the only one who has experienced this weired interaction.

ghee: women only take away two years? I know some who take away more.

I got an anonymous comment yesterday and there is a checkbox for anonymous. Maybe you changed some blogger setting?

It wouldn't really bother me if anonymous coments were not allowed. I get very few and most were SPAM anyway.

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