The Young Astrologer

When I was much younger, I had great interest in the occult and paranormal. When I was 13, for Christmas of 1979, I asked for and got a book called The Compleat Astrologer. I wanted this book because it showed you how to draw up a horoscope as well as providing interpretation guides and planetary tables from 1905 until 1979 - which put it far ahead of any other books on astrology which simply were describptive, but didn't show you how to do it hands on.

I have no crystal ball and I have long dismissed divination, however let us see what the new year brings forth. And may it be good for all of us.

Images scanned by me but remain the property and copyright of Bantam books.

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Happy New Year from a Pisces with Leo rising.
i didn't know that an eagle is also used as a symbol of scorpio. but the description, is pretty much me. hehehe.

happy new year! hope you'll have a great year :)
I read both Sag. and Cap, and I don't seem to be either of theses. I'm my own mix I suppose..being born on the cusp, Dec. 22nd, barely after midnight and into Cap technically. I'm more a product of my genetics and environment/nurture experience.

Happy New Year!
Yes, I seem to be very much a Libra! Thanks for sharing these. Happy New Year!
Happy 2008! Found you from Renny's blog :) Kristie in Norway
tena: so you have an upcoming birthday.

tin-tin: I don’t believe that stuff anymore. There is another page of info I didn’t scan.

MOI: sound like a typical Canadian, not quite sure what we are.

breal: There is one more page of description that I did not scan.
kristie: thanks for visiting and a Happy New Year to you too!
I'm a Capricorn (January 5). Much of this describes me quite well!

Happy New Year!
Are you saying there is even more description of Libras? :)
happy new year richard..
sorry for the long time... all is fine, except the idea of what shall i write. hehehe...
barbara: and the others don't capture you well?

breal: yep, there is a whole other page.

ancilla: welcome back!
Dare I ask you to send it to me or do you think I've done enough self reflecting as of late? ;-)
beautiful illustrations! i love all of them! :) i'm scorpio. whoo-hoo!
breal: you will have to wait until I am back in Montreal to scan the other page. I don't believe in astrology, but the descriptions are always written in a warm and fuzzy feel-good way.

acey: I think they are nice too. My favourite was always blue skinned Virgo. I wish I could draw half as nice. A Scorpio, hey? Hmmm, I better watch my back then :P
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