The Time War

A pretty good fan made trailer of interest only to Doctor Who fans.

Doctor Who is the world's longest running sci-fi TV show. It started in 1963 and ran until 1989. There was a made for TV movie in 1996 and the series was revived in 2005.

The new series begins following the Last Great Time War between the Doctor's race and the Daleks which resulted in the total extermination of both races. Only the Doctor survived - leaving him a bit hard edged and moody.


i guess i better go catch up on the storyline at wiki.
and i thought dr. no is related to james bond. isn't there a movie of james bond with dr. no?

btw, you've been tagged :)
wait! your post is dr. who not dr. no. sorry...
woohooo... I love the doctor. We're getting a new episode from the new series tonight (because its sooo christmassy and all...) :)
cavalock: better yet, watch them. The 3rd season was pretty good (far better than the 2nd). The Daleks survived ok, the Master became a bit of a wuss. I didn't like the series finale.

tin-tin: ok, so you caught your error. It is much more entertaining than James Bond (maybe if you are 10, it is harder to choose, but James Bond seems pretty silly to me now-a-days).

ingrid: lucky you. I don't know when the CBC will be airing the Christmas special
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