This is what happens when you speed on icy and snow packed roads following last Sunday's snowstorm.

I passed two overturned cars on the Quebec side of the border (50 Km worth of highway) and one car nose first in the ditch on the Ontario side fo the border (150 Km worth of highway).

It looks like this fellow left the highway right around this point (you can see where the snow bank on the side of the road has a path through it - slightly covered up by passing snow ploughs, but a path nonetheless).

I was doing about 40 Km/h on the highway. I wanted to go faster, but the cars ahead of me kept me going slower.

Photo credit: Richard of Forbidden Planet.


TorAa said…
Och ...

Dear :
Just want to say: Riktig God Jul - Merry Christmas - Felize Navidad - Joyeux Nöel - Gute Weinachten
RennyBA said…
Ohhh, so you really have gotten snow for Christmas I can tell. We have a bit in Oslo, Norway too, but not as much as you have - I envy you!

Like Tor say: God Jul :-)
Wow! Looks wild! And you guys have kept your snow. It rained all day here and now we have flash freeze and wind warnings! To think a week ago we had 2 1/2 ' of snow!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with your wife and kids, and family, Richard.

Hoping All will be great
In 2008!
Barbara said…
It reminds me of a dead bug with its legs up in the air. I hope the passengers got out without injury.
aCey said…
that's a lot of snow... wow. and poor vehicle. we see a lot of overturned cars and trucks here, too. lol. happy christmas, richard! stay warm. :)
Richard said…
toraa: thank you!

rennyba: thanks! Glad to hear you have some snow. Christmas is better when it is white.

MOI: well ... that was over a week ago. We had the rain too and the warm weather and the snow has reduced considerably since then. sigh.

barbara: yeah, they are a bit like a dead bug. I think everyone was ok, there was no obvious crumpling of the top.

acey really? It certainly can't be because of icy road conditions.

ingrid: I tihnk we need an autobahn in Canada.

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