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We got 28cm of snow on Wednesday, bringing the total snowfall total to 355cm in Ottawa this Winter. This makes it the second largest recorded snowfall. The previous record was 441cm back in the Winter of 1970/1971. We are supposed to get another 20cm or more this weekend. So there is still a chance we will beat the old record.

I tell Sofia and the kids to enjoy it because they may not see another snowfall like this for another 40-50 years.

Picture of a previous snowstorm, but the effect and result is pretty much the same.
Following the snowstorm, the trees were nicely covered in snow crystals.
Close up of snow crystals on a branch.
Snow crystals on pine needles.

Photo credits: Richard of Forbidden Planet.


Sweetiepie said…
Really!heavy snow in ottawa now?omg! there isn't any spring in ottwa?WOW!i like those pics.Happy weekend :)
tin-tin said…
i like the pictures. and i wish i could see snow also :)
mattbg said…
Toronto is also not far from beating its record, although the record is only around 200cm or so.

The snowfall this weekend will bring it closer. I think it's near 180cm right now.
Barbara said…
I guess we're forever out of the snow belt here. That's actually OK with me. Enjoy the white stuff. Spring is coming soon, so they say...
Cavalock said…
very nice ... makes me wish we have snow here too.
freckled-one said…
OH my.. that is a lot of snow. How wonderful to be able to go and play. Have you taken the opportunity to go out and play and not just shovel? As you said, it may not happen again for 40-50 years. =o)
b said…
As happy as I am to see Spring emerging here, I am a bit envious that you have all that snow. I think I've said this a lot in the past few months, but I am growing more and more fond of snow. I have vowed to take at least a couple days next winter and go to some snowy lodge or resort to enjoy some considerable snow. It's so beautiful. Gorgeous photos!
acey said…
that tree looks beautiful, though! =D
Anonymous said…
Oh my! c-c-c-c-cold! It's beautiful however. Here in seattle we don't really get a winter season. Pretty mild.
Richard said…
sweetiepie: this past weekend, 51 cm fell in Ottawa. The grand total so far is 411 cm this Winter. I took some picture of the backyard - the snow is piled almost as high as the fence. It is amazing. Pictures should go up this weekend.

tin-tin: it is not too late. Hop on a plane and come to Ottawa or Montreal, we are unlikely to have another Winter like this for another 40-50 years. The last time we had some much snow was back in the Winter of 1970/1971.

mattbg: when I lived in Toronto (for 2 years), what struck me was how little snow it got. That and the oppressive heat int eh summer. I remember standing on the shores of Lake Ontario with a hot breeze blowing in off the lake. bleh.

barbara: I am sure the daffodils and crocuses will be breaking through the snow any day now.

cavalock: it would be interesting to see what long term effects la nina could have if it continued for a very long time. Maybe you would get snow in Sg.

freckled-one: yes, we do play in it. The sad thing is that we had two big snow falls in December-2007, but it all melted. Otherwise we would have a lot more snow on the ground.

breal: I am pretty gleeful about it. I have waited for 37 years for such a snowfall.

acey: there were lots of beautiful trees. They also look fantastic after an icestorm. They trees look like they are made of crystal. It all melts very quickly though.

FOT: it is not that cold. Though, we did have a terrible cold spell back in January.
Beauty pics! Yeah, you guys really got hit this year. Toronto may break its record from 1939.
It can melt anytime now. Nice to see the sun rise a little higher across the sky and set at 7:20!
Richard said…
MOI: yep. 411cm at last count and it snowed a little today - so it is a bit more. The record in Ottawa is 441cm set in 1970/71.

My backyard is full of snow it is somewhere between 4 and 5 feet deep. I took some pictures and will upload them this weekend (maybe) - it is pretty wierd to see the snow go up to the tops of the fence. In Montreal, it only goes about half up the fence.

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