Message in a bottle

Hye has invited me to put a message in a bottle.

When I was younger, I used to dream of discovering something unique, import and of value. I did look for bottles with messages, buried treasure, fossils, or gold deposits. Sadly I never really found anything. I did find pyrite (Fools Gold), and some small fossils (various shells and parts of crinoids, but never trilobite. sigh. Though, Jason did find a fossilized shell 3 or 4 cm in length two years ago. Definitely, the largest fossil we have found).

However, I have never thought of putting a message into a bottle.

(The uber-geeky among you should recognize the phrase.)


Barbara said…
I would love to find a message in a bottle from some far-away place. But it seems to happen only in books...
We left one in the Trent Canal when I was 10 and on a family houseboat trip. It would have been neat to hear from someone who had found it far away but we never did.

(BTW, do you know the difference bewteen consuming sodium as opposed to potassium,(the No-Salt ingredient) as in effect on blood pressure?)
Hye said…
Hmmmn, what does your message mean. my bad... I can't get it. Sorry.

By the way, I shared another amazing award today and you are one of my lucky friends who deserve it. Check it out at Space of Reality.

Richard said…
barbara: I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who ever had these romantic dreams.

MOI: I never threw a bottle in the water because (1) I considered it polluting and (2) the likelihood that it would actually be swept away somewhere distant or even exotic was practically nil.

Sure, ask me the hard questions about sodium. Research shows that elevated levels of sodium are correlated with elevated blood pressure. However, not all people respond similarly - some respond more than others. Studies show potassium to lower blood pressure, however, as far as I know, the reason is poorly understood (or maybe it is just me). It may be a result of potassium replacing the salt. As with everything, simply looking at a single factor, a magic bullet, is naïve at best. Numerous other minerals and vitamins are known to reduce blood pressure, so hypertension may not be a simple case of too much sodium, but rather too little of the other nutrients. Calcium is known to reduce blood pressure, as is magnesium. Vitamin B3 (niacin) is also a vasodilator and may contribute to lower blood pressure (as a caveat for diabetics, high doses of niacin can raise blood sugar levels). Low levels of vitamin D are also implicated in high blood pressure (yet another potential blow to those who persistently warn against sun exposure).

The RDA for sodium intake is 1-3 grams per day.

I would always recommend trying to balance out diet, reduce excessive sodium consumption (but don't get rid of it, sodium is essential for neural and muscular activity) - just pass on the salt (personally, I find most food overly salted anyway), get more calcium, vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin B3 - easily obtained by drinking a few glasses of milk per day and eating roast pork.

My preference is always for balancing the diet and lifestyle to trying to achieve balance through supplementation. Supplementation may be necessary at times (in my mother's case, she was unable to metabolize B12 from the diet and so needed regular injections of B12).

hye: thanks. Ha ha, I haven't even put up the last one yet. I will eventually get around to it. I think the message is an expression of the love of soul mates.
Thanks Dr.! I think I should be okay then as I do get lots of calcium, Vit. D and I'm already on altace to reduce BP. I should think I'm better to use the potassium No salt than even the Windsor 1/2 salt. I agree that most foods are salted too much. Blue Menu and other products are making canned goods with almost no sodium which is great, especially with canned tomatoes which I use a lot.
Sweetiepie said…
wow!I saw your bottle floated in the ocean.Nice message!
b said…
Messages in bottles were a romantic notion for me as a child, too. Before the Internet, it was that idea that you could connect with the message from someone far away. Even with the accessibility of the Internet, an actual message in a bottle still holds its appeal... that tangible and symbolic act and the beauty of that message being tossed upon the sea before reaching you. Okay, I'm getting carried away! :)
Richard said…
MOI: while I do use canned tomatoes for cooking, I am finding I prefer to use fresh tomatoes lately.

sweetiepie: thanks!

breal: feel free to put your own message in a bottle (just follow the link to hye's invite and you can get a plain image).
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