Drip. Drip.

I took the kids skating this past Sunday and managed to take 389 pictures during that time. It becomes so easy with digital cameras nowadays - especially when they feature a nice, easy to use burst mode.

I also managed to capture some shots of dripping icicles. If you click on and enlarge the pictures, you can see the drop of water forming and falling. It was a nice surprise to discover when I looked at the picture (they were shot in burst mode).

Photo credits: Richard of Forbidden Planet.

Sorry, I was a little too aggressive with the JPEG compression settings.

[05-March-2008 @ 11:00: added text about the drop forming and falling.]


Ancilla said…
hope that someday i can feel the snow not only by the picture :)

to be there, to see how your children grow up is nice. it always nice, doesn't it richard?
b said…
As much as I am looking forward to Spring, I really do love the snow. Of course, we get so little of it (if any) so it doesn't lose its charm like I'm sure it does elsewhere.

Great icicle shots! Too aggressive with the JPEG compression settings? Apparently I have A LOT more to learn about photography than I realize!! :)
Richard said…
ancilla: to experience Winter, you only have to book a plane ticket. This Winter has been exceptional, I doubt we will have as much snow again for another 40 or 50 years. The last time I remember so much snow was when we arrived in Canada in 1971 - which was an exceptional Winter.

Children grow up very quickly - far more quickly than you could ever imagine.

breal: we had lots of snow this Winter. I tell my kids they probably won't see another Winter like this for another 40-50 years.

The original photos were some 2.8MB in size and 3000 x 2000 pixels. I shrank them to about 1000x700 set the JPG quality setting to 50%. It seems to have been too aggressive because there are visible artefacts in teh images. Mind you, the pictures are now around 40KB in size (about 1.4% of their original size).

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