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As promised, side by side (well, top by bottom) comparison of the Fly scanned handwriting and my actual handwriting as it appeared on the page.
The Fly and other digital pens require a special paper. The paper has a series of dots printed on it in a pattern. It is a sort of two dimensional barcode. According to Wikipedia, if the entire pattern was printed out, it would cover an area in excess of 4.6 million km2.
Last weekend, 51cm of snow fell in Ottawa. As you can see, the backyard is filled almost to the top of the fence with snow. Which means the snow is close to 5 feet deep. More than 411 cm has fallen in Ottawa this Winter. There is more snow expected this coming week. We have a chance to break the 1970/71 snowfall record of 441 cm.
I think less snow fell in Montreal. As you can see in this photo, the snow only goes about half way up the fence. Making it maybe 3 feet deep at best.
A blood orange.
The inside of a blood orange.
The first animated film I have ever made (if you disregard flipbooks). I think it took about 20 minutes to (1) shoot 26 frames, (2) upload them to the computer, (3) get them into Microsoft Movie Maker, (4) adjust the duration of each frame (twice) down to 0.2 seconds. The whole short runs for 5.2 seconds. The kids were impressed.

Uploading the video wasn't too bad. However, the processing step seemed to take forever.

Photo and video credits: Richard of Forbidden Planet.

[17-March-2008 @ 10:05. Just noticed that for some reason the video does not show up in the posted blog, though it is visible in preview mode. Any tech help would be appreciated.]

[17-March-2008 @ 12:24: Combined teh writing samples into one image. Makes it easier to do the comparison.]


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