It's a boy!

Found out from my friend last night that his wife gave birth to a baby boy Wednesday morning. It is their first child.

The only sadness is that he is in Canada while his wife and son are still in Africa waiting for their papers to glacially crawl through immigration.

(can’t remember where I grabbed the image from, but I can say, it is very, very hard to find images of happy healthy African children)


Bee said…
Do u people refer boy to girl in your culture, especially for the first born?

For Asians, there is still this tendency for older folks... b'cos they want the family name to be carried on...
Daijobu ne said…
Hi Richard, came across your blog via another friend's. Very nice and most of your articles are very close to the heart. I hope yr friend will be reunited together very soon. Cheers
Richard said…
Bee: Canada is a very multicultural society, so there are various preferences for the gender of the first born.

I think the more 'typical' Canadian, really doesn't care.

Certainly, in my own case, I did not care - I just wanted children. I will take as many as the good Lord gives me. Sofia, on the other hand, has interpreted that the Divine intended for us to have only two :(

As for carrying on the family name ... well, Sofia and I both kept our respective surnames. Our children have a hyphenated surname composed of both our surnames.

shinpai shinai: Thanks for dropping by and leaving me a comment. Yes, we all hope he and his family we be soon reunited.
Bee said…
Amen! Children are gifts from God regardless of their sexes. :)
Richard said…
Yes, children are wonderful. When mine were born (I was in the delivery room), I could not help but feel Divine: "I saw and it was good!"

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