It has been another blustery, cold gray, rainy day. The clouds break for periods, then the rain comes again. It is nice to watch the clouds being pushed across the sky.

I like the view from my cubicle. I have the best view in the whole building. I have a corner, with two windows, overlooking a small watershed, with two nice sized ponds. In the spring and summer, I see Canada geese making their home and nurturing their young.

The geese are gone. All that’s left are the trees, shrubs, reeds and the cold dark gray ponds.

On very windy days – especially in the spring, I love to watch the surface of the ponds for the fantastic trails which skate and scoot and whirl across the surface - signs of unseen fairies dancing with euphoric abandon across the surface. They dance best in the Spring, jubilant at being freed of their icy bonds.

“Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus

Taken in Gatineau Park about 12 years ago.


Oh, that sounds lovely! You are very fortunate to have such a view. There are no windows on my entire floor, except a small one at each end of the building (and the view there is just a runway and/or parking lot...yeck). Your description is beautiful. :)
Bee said…
spring and autummn should be the best seasons i guess... but no chance to experience yet.

reminds me of the time when i was in Australia during winter time... too cold for me, couldn't enjoy as much.
dandan...™ said…
Too bad, I'm alway in singapore..furthest I went is Indonesia.
Hope to view such beautiful scene like you do.
Especially Snow!
Its shld be very very beautiful..
Richard said…
MIO: Yes, my little corner is really nice. A blessed change from a windoless environment. I find the nature scene is very relaxing and stress relieving.

Bee and dandan: I just looked up info on the climate in Singapore: it was described as "the land of eternal summer". Wow! Sofia would like that. She complains about the winters here in Canada (and our crazy weather). In Peru, where she is from, there are 4 distinct and predictable seasons. In Canada, we have 4 unpredictable seasons. The weather can change several times during the day.

The cold is not really as bad as you might think - you just need to dress properly.

The next winter festival in Ottawa is February 3-19, 2006(http://www.canadascapital.gc.ca/winterlude/index.asp?bhcp=1).

Or you can try the Carnaval in Quebec City (Jan 27 - Feb 12, 2006: http://www.carnaval.qc.ca/)

Unlike Australia, our homes are heated. So it is nice inside, even if it is cold outside.

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