Hey, Buddy! Can you spare an hour?

How much is your time worth? How do you choose to spend the time you have?

For the average man living until 74, he has about 650,000 hours available to him. For the average woman, living until 80, she has about 700,000 hours available to her.

We each have 8760 hours in a year (8784 in a leap year), do we make best use of our time? I know I don't.

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I definitely fritter away a lot more time than other people. But I won't change at this point and I'm okay with it most of the time. I seem to need a lot of that "mung around" time!
Richard said…
MOI: I am trying to change that, but as with all habits, it becomes ingrained and is hard to break. I wonder how procrastination rates when compared to smoking or heroin?
No contest! Go forth and procrastinate! I can't imagine you not using every minute wisely..or at least doing something you can rationalize as good for someone ...you or your wife and kids. (Like reading, help cook, play with or reqad to kids, BLOGGING!)
KayMac said…
Time...a valuable resource oft taken for granted...until you are out of it.

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