Yesterday was a day filled with pleasantness.

While we should hold dear and cherish our blessings each day, the truth is that most days are like the others in their sameness - so blessing counting can at times be uninspiring at best.

Yesterday, was one of those days when an abundance of happiness seemed to flood in.

It started with me receiving a photo by e-mail of a dear friend whom I have not seen in 8 years. The joy of recognition was very strong because this is the only friend of whom I have never had a picture. Somehow, we never got around to taking pictures of ourselves and one another when we were together.

Later, I managed to leaver work (in Ottawa) at 15:00, so I was able to pick up Jason and Tania from daycare (in Montreal). The children were overjoyed to see me - since the only day I pick them up is on Mondays when I am still here.

Finally, coming home, there was a message on the answering machine from another dear friend I had given up for lost these past two years. He suffered very serious injuries in a car accident almost 3 years ago (broken neck and back - but, thanks to God, no paralysis, but recovery was long and slow). After he recovered, he returned to his home country and we lost contact with him. So, it was wonderful to hear he has returned.

"The greatest problem with communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished." - George Bernard Shaw

(The sixth Doctor. While not me, there is more than a passing resemblance - though, my sartorial tastes are not so cheerful, but, my wife claims, no less gaudy - at least when it comes to choice in sweaters.)


Friends are indeed blessings, aren't they? I have many who have walked with me through the years. Like you I have lost some, and gained new ones.

And though every one of them is different, each of them has in one way or another, left their footprints in my life.

And I am grateful to have them. I guess life will be even bleaker without friends....
dandan...™ said…
I really appreciate for your advice, opinion and willing to share wat you actually went through.
"And, yeah, I wish money were not so important. Often I wish I were independently wealthy, so I could be free of my job. Work causes us to miss many of the nice things in life." - I totally agreed with this.

As for your question; How did I find your blog in term of how I noe ur link or opinion of your blog?
-I was browsing through one of the blog and saw your comment.Finding you a person with great thinking,dat why I clicked and there I'm, reading your blog.
This answered for opinion as well.

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