International Club

I first came across the International Club as I was heading to a different campus club with clear intent to argue (I had been earlier taken aside by one of the leaders and told I “would not fit in” – so I foolishly intended to go and be disruptive).

Anyway, I passed a poorly scrawled sign (I’m not sure I was even able to make out what it said) hanging on a door, with some bored looking people inside (at least they weren’t hostile). I asked what it was about and was told a social club for international students, but anyone was welcome to join. Ok, I was game, definitely sounded more interesting than engaging in stupid arguments.

In the end, I wound up being in charge of PR - which was kind of cool. I like exercising my offbeat creativity.

My first ad campaign ran the the following two posters (these are recreations and far more sexy than the originals, since the originals used line graphics instead of a cool picture):

I thought it was very successful. We got a number of really interesting people to sign up. The VP took me to task for running a vague campaign. He wanted something that more clearly explained what the club was about and wasn’t weird. Well, he never got it. I did try more conventional posters for some activities, but they never generated as much interest as the more off beat ones.

It was a great time. Sometimes, I would love to run an International Club as my living – but I’m not sure I could actually live off it.

There were others cultural clubs at the university, Spanish Club (although, I don’t think I met one Spanish person, they we all from Latin America), Chinese Club, Italian Club, Lebanese Club, Israeli Club, etc …

But they were all narrowly focussed. There was the United Nations Club, but it was … hmmm … boring.

We were the only club that focussed on getting together and having fun. Leaving the politics outside and just enjoying the company of some really cool people!


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