Haunted memories

Seeing as today is Halloween, I thought I'd share an early childhood memory. I have a quite a few memories from before the time I was 4 years old - perhaps they are easier for me to remember because I emigrated (along with my parents) from Great Britain to Canada - so it serves as a sort of demarcation point.

This one goes back to when I was around two years old or so. I don't remember my sister (who was born a few months after I was two), so that is why I think I was two, but hey! I could have been three years old for all I know. Anyhow ...

I remember waking up and going to one of the bedrooms in the house. Seated on the edge of a bed was a young women with long raven hair. Her face was buried in her hands, crying plaintively. I approached, seeking to see what was the matter. When I got close, she looked up at me. Her face was old and twisted, her eyes burned with fire, long taloned fingers shot forward grabbing my pajama top , while she screamed, "I'm going to kill you! I'm going to kill you!"

I screamed. I tried to run ran. She held tight to my pajama. By some miracle I was able to break free and run downstairs to my mother in the kitchen.

It is a very strong memory. Sometimes I want to believe it was a dream or an illusion. I remember talking with my mother about this event years later and she said that she never liked the house, she always thought it was haunted.

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What a scary thing to remember!

Here's wishing you a Happy Halloween, Richard. :)
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Oh wow this is really freaky. Hope it's just a bad dream....
Richard said…
It is a pretty cool memory (and creepy too).

I am convinced it was real.

Since I reject the reality of paranormal experiences - my only rationalization is that it was a nightmare I experienced as a child. But, that little part of my brain which knows if I'm a lyin' or a truthin', knows I'm a truthin'.

It is a weird experience to know something is true, yet have the rational part of me tell me I must be wrong.
carra said…
That is a rather horrible thing to experience Richard, I had similar experiences that I try to ignore but sometimes they are just a little bit too real...

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