A Walk in the Dark

I like walking. I used to walk a lot – more than 10Km per day. Now, I’m lucky to get 2 or 3Km in.

The night was cool, crisp and refreshing, without bite or bitterness. I wore a long sleeved shirt, a vest and a light jacket. I really didn’t need the jacket because I don’t think it was below 10C last night, but, since I had it on, I just left it open.

There was a soft undulating breeze, gently teasing me with the fragrant aromas of hardwood fires burning in fireplaces. Smells stimulating comforting and reassuring memories of home and family, of happiness and joy – not unlike the aroma of fresh baked bread in the morning, gently teasing you from a restful slumber with the reassurance that life is a glorious celebration of love, peace and harmony.

The gentle breezes tickled the leaves, caressing them, exciting them, filling the air with cheerful rusting. There is something different about rustling leaves in the Fall. The sound is filled with the mature confidence of a full and well led life – unlike the sounds of Spring which are filled with nervous tittering. Maybe it is the cool crisp air. Maybe it is the dryness of the leaves shedding their vibrant youth for opulent golds, oranges, yellows, and reds - a final burst of majesty before falling and returning to the earth which nourished them through the summer.

It was a short walk – only 4Km, but it was satisfying.

a crispy leaf on the ground
there are leaves all around

‘October Song’, Bif Naked

[edited on 23-October-2005 to provide links to lyrics for 'October Song' and to Bif Naked's page]


Oh, what a beautiful walk! Thank you for (virtually) taking us along with you. It sounds like you are having a wonderful weekend. :)
Bee said…
u r so fortunate to be able to have that kind of scenic walk daily. :)

reminded me of the "blue mountains" I been in sydney.
Richard said…
Thank you both. Yes, I had a good weekend, although. my good weekend started earlier by having a wonderful dinner on Thursday with two dear friends I hadn't seen for 1 and 2 years, respectively.

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