Happy Birthday!!

My son is 4 years old today!

If he were a horse, he would be full grown, but, since he is not, he is still my little boy and I can hug him, kiss him, and tell him I love him to my heart’s content.

He is crazy about dinosaurs and can identify more than 20 of them. An interesting side note is that many children’s books which feature the fearsome T. Rex, actually draw it wrong. The T. Rex has only two fingers on each forelimb (not 3 or 4 or 5) – this is something Jason catches all the time (if it has 3 fingers it is probably an Allosaurus).

We will just have a small family celebration. Jason didn’t want other children because, as he put it, “They will eat my cake!”

[edited 08-Oct-2005. Added image of Jason with unspecified baby sauropod (I think it is a diplodocus)]


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