This past Sunday, my church was celebrating couples who have been married a multiple of 5 years. Feeling optimistic, Sofia and I put our names down as celebrating 10 years in this coming September.

There were 17 couples in total with anniversaries ranging form the lowly 10 years all the way up to 50 years. I was surprised to see two other mixed race couples (one were celebrating 30 years, the other 35 years) - since that seemed to be a more daring thing to do back then. In Quebec even marrying between English and French was pretty unusual – since the two cultures tend to remain separated.

We renewed our wedding vows before Tania’s rapt attention (Jason was busy stacking hymnals so he could sit higher in the pew).

Afterwards, we had a nice buffet lunch in the hall at the back of the church (this seems to be the only thing the kids were primary focussed on - constantly asking if the service was over so we could go eat).

Sofia was a bit stressed (having the kids around was a bit of a distraction) because, as usual, I was typically underdressed. I had slacks and a short sleeved shirt instead of dress pants, shirt, tie and jacket like everyone else. I did point out to Sofia that one fellow celebrating his 45th anniversary was no more dressed up than I was. Of course, that was irrelevant to her.

Appearance and substance is one major difference between Sofia and myself. She is very conscious of appearance, fashion, protocol, whereas, I, on the other hand, really couldn't care less. I was clean and neat and did not feel out of place. I was there to celebrate my marriage to Sofia, not show off my suit.

When we were preparing to marry, I proposed that we have a simple wedding - one where I could be dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, followed by a pot-luck afterwards. Needless to say, this did not fly.


Coffee fairy said…
Multiples of 5...is it in celebration of Pentecost?
About dressing up...hmm..yup, I'm guilty as well about being particular on boyfriend/hubby dressing up, well, I think most women are...maybe because we want to show off our man. I think it's like when men usually wants their girlfriend/wife to dress in a non-slutty way...well, you know what I mean. =)
LeeCooper said…
ghee said…
Hi Richard,congratulations! 10 yrs!
Is that a usual celebration in your country? I never heard of that but I think thats a good way for husband & wife bonding. :)

I could relate to Sofia.My hubby is not conscious with his style,too.Well,I dont expect him to be that trendy,but i want him to fit himself to me sometimes,so we could walk hand in hand :D

So,I need to choose for himself,what to wear,no discussion will happen.
It`s not a big deal,though...
Richard said…
coffee fairy: no, it had nothing to do with the celebration of Pentecost, it just happened to fall on the same day. In North America (ok, ok Ottawa and Montreal), there seems to be a habit of celebrating marriage jubilees that are multiples of 5 years.

I don't concern myself with what Sofia wears as long as it is comfortable and practical. Personally, I think she should feel comfortable just slipping into anything.

I like walking, and once while we were still dating, we must have walked a good 10-12Km one day (pretty trivial for me). Unfortunately, I didn't realize that her shoes were not really made for walking (only found out after we got married).

leecooper: thanks! But, you know, the actual celebration isn't until 28-September - so we are just being optimistic ;-)

ghee: as mentioned to coffee fairy, it seems to be something that a number of churches around here do. I think it is nice, it helps to reaffirm and recommit the marriage. I think it should be done every year, but, hey, I'll take once every 5 years.

Believe it or not, I am able to dress myself even though Sofia thinks I need help.

Looking nice is fine it is not a priority for me. Clean trumps elegant any time.
Awww, I think that is sweet renewing your vows! (And cool that your kids were there to witness it, even if their attentions were not undivided.) I myself have an anniversary coming up this Friday, but it is only 17 years, not a multiple of 5. We are planning to go out for a nice dinner, and maybe, just maybe, I will dress up. :)
Prince Romp said…
You're a great guy and a good Husband.

Congratulations to you and Sofia on your renewal wedding vows. Although the actual date is on this coming 28th Sept?

I very much agreed with Sofia, You should dress to kill on this very special occasion, and leave your humbleness at home.
Robin said…
yes, some people tend to look at what you wear.. but then again, such people normally are not your friends who know you well.
Robin said…
and Congratulations!
Richard said…
Thanks prince and robin!
Cavalock said…
Hope i'm not too late! Congratulations!!!
Richard said…
No, you are not too late because the actual anniversary is not until 28-September-2006 - at which time I will be posting another blog on it.

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