Today, Tania is going to a birthday party (in a little more than 1 hour's time).

However, yesterday we had the following conversation as I picked her up from school:

Tania: You know Walid?

Me: The boy who's party you are going to tomorrow?

Tania: Yes. Well, yesterday, he swallowed a cat's eye [a type of marble - Richard] and today he wasn't in school. I hope he didn't die because then the party will be cancelled.


ghee said…
ohh thats too bad!! Is Walid ok now?

I thought you`re not blogging on weekends.Thanx for the links,Richard.
The pics are awesome :D

Happy Father`s Day,to you!
Enjoy this day with your family ;)
Richard said…
I guess so, he was at his own party.

I said that my general rule is to blog 1 post a day - though I may take weekends off. I feel it is better to try and maintain a steady stream. It is also a form of discipline (something I seriously lack in my life - in some areas at least).
Barbara said…
LOL. Kids say such funny things!
vina said…
happy fathers' day tito (uncle) richard!
Mum2One said…
LOL!!! Kids... they say things as they think don't they? So refreshing!
Sassy Lady said…
At least Tania is showing her bit concerned that the party will still be on provided Walid's okay..

She does seem concern though but mainly on the party itself..hee ..I would say and react the same way too if Im a kid..

Thanx Richard and hope you enjoy ur Father's Day too!!
Coffee fairy said…
hahahaha...awww, the cuteness of kids' innocence. Happy fathers' day Richard! =)
Richard said…
barbara: yes, they do. I wish I had written down more things the kids have said or done - but at the time you think, "Gee, I'll never forget this."

vina: tito hmmm? Well, I am a nino.

mum2one: kids have their own priorities. Sometimes it is very narrow in focus and scope.

sassy: yep, she had enough concern so that she didn't miss out on cake and ice cream (actually, they served coca-cola as the only beverage - which she didn't like).

coffee fairy: kids say the most surprising things. I can strongly recommend that whne you have kids, that you get a diary and actually write these things down, because you will never remember.
ingrid said…
Happy Father's Day Richard!
Richard said…
Thanks Ingrid!
serendipity said…
haha little kids are so practical it's funny.
Richard said…
serendipity: I am not sure if they are practical, they are certainly focussed on what they want.

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