Wonderful air

It had rained last night and when I stepped walked out the door this morning, I breathed the rich ambrosia with its heavy sweetness and therapeutic essence which promises renewed life to those who drink from its cup.

The still air is cool, but not cold; moist but not damp - fresh and cleansing.

Of course, I also had a good start on the day, I was out the door by 06:00. For the curious, it was 13C (55F) this morning.

Noble be man,
Helpful and good!
For that alone
Sets hims apart
From every other creature
On earth.
- Goethe, "The Divine"

Image nabbed from here.


Marc said…
Edel sei der Mensch, hilfreich und gut!
Denn das allein unterscheidet ihn von allen Wesen, die wir kennen.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in „Das Göttliche"

I thought you should have heard the Original German Quote even if you wouldn't understand it ;-)
Richard said…

Always nice to see what it looks like in the original tongue - even if I can't understand it.

I envy those who are fluently multilingual. I can manage English and French, but French is definitely weaker.

I expect my daughter to be fluently trilingual (English, Spanish and French). I am not too sure about my boy, he has a definite preference for English.
Marc said…
Well, German's my mother language and I think I speak English fluently - more or less ;-) I also learned French at school but I didn't speak that language the past 3 or 4 years. I also learned Latin at school and I hated it :D

another question: how did you find my blog? I don't often get foreign comments and the more I enjoyed yours =)
Richard said…
I came across your blog by checking my account at stat counter.

Your blog showed up as one of the paths followed into my blog. I presume somebody was hitting the next blog button and ended up on my page from yours.

I like to browse around blogs and leave comments if I can.
Marc said…
yeah that sounds possible. I also like to do that when I find the time to do it
ghee said…
hey,Richard...dunno what to say..

its so lovely,your place has a breath taking scene..yeah,therapeutic is the word...its cold but its a paradise..

now i got what you said in your comment;
healthy environment..
Colleen said…
Our air was filled with coolness then it heated up and left us with stickieness..
Richard said…
marc: exploring is always nice. I have managed to find some nice people that way.

ghee: that is not exactly what it looks like outside my home (either of them). I may post a few pictures of the areas I live in.

colleen: we were lucky, it didn't get hot and sticky ... but those days are coming.
Sassy Lady said…
I have to envy your living 'environment'..fresh cooling therapeutic air..different from my place..

Right now..it rains either late morning or early evening..and the air isnt fresh and therapeutic at all..the moment I stand close to the window, the air is polluted with car fumes, chines burning joss papers, ppl cooking or burning their cooking and worst of all will be from the fumigation..

So, you can see why Singaporeans, especially me..envy ppl like you who live in a healthy environment..to have ur own house and backyard..its really nice..

So I can just dream of it...sigh'
Prince Romp said…
I agreed with Sassy.

13c?! That was too cold for me..
i cant stand the temp at 17c! hee..

the average temperature in Spore, is about 23-28. Sometimes it can reach to 30+.
Richard said…
sassy: yes, in Canada we are very lucky to have clean air and water and land (compared to many places in the world).

prince: I can handle those temperatures if it is not too humid - but I still prefer a nice 20C, no humidity and sunny.
Mum2One said…
For a moment there I thought that was the view you got when you stepped out your door! 13C was the coldest night ever experienced in the Northern Territory!
Richard said…
mum2one: I wish it was the view out my door. Today it was 33C - to hot!

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