Seeing is believing

If you are one of those who likes to peer into a mirror and see all your defects: crows feet, pores, sags, puffiness, pigmentation, etc (especially when compared to all those perfect people in magazines), perhaps your needs will be met with a little photo retouching.

You can see examples here, here, and here.

Undoubtedly you can find other examples. I just googled on photo retouching. Most hits were for Adobe Photoshop, but I am sure some creative searching can turn up many more examples.

For something a little more artsy, you can check over here.

Yeah, I am directing you away from this wonderful site. For some reason blogger still is refusing to accept image uploads from me.


Richard said…
Glad to hear you enjoyed them.

I often think models in magazines look unreal and unnatural.
Sassy Lady said…
I read somewhere in a mag in Singapore, the photographer admits he does photo editing or whatever they call it..

Its merely bcos nobodys' now we understand that its all fake..haha
Richard said…
There is a lot of fakery in advertising. Images are very often doctored.

Think about the last hamburger you saw advertised for McDonald's. The bun was fluffy, the vegetables crisp and vibrant, the meat patty succulant. What ahppens when you go and buy one? You get a squashed sandwich, with limp dull vegetables and a meat patty that has the texture of rubber. sigh.

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