Stuffing children with eggs

I am always looking for more ways to get more eggs into my kids.

I consider eggs to be highly nutritious and good source of protein and nutrients for them.

When Jason was younger, he used to eat 4 yolks no problem - sometimes more - but he detests the white, so it always had to be removed.

I can mix them into a pancake - lot of egg, little flour. Or an omelette.

Today I made French Toast: beat some eggs (3), soak some dry bread (2 slices), and fry.

The only problem is that there is always left over liquid which I usually fry afterwards. Today I had another idea. As I laid the French Toast into the frying pan, I poured some of the left over batter over the top of the toast. Much to my surprise and delight, it soaked into the bread. I had been expecting a bit of an eggy crust - but, nope, it was fine.

My tip for today: You can always squeeze more batter into that French Toast after you have laid it on the griddle.

Jusging by what my kids ate, Jason got about 1 egg in him and Tania 1-1/2. Jason ate his with Honey made from bluberry blossoms and Tania had hers with cinnamon and sugar.

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MMMmmmm I love french toast. I just started making it early this week again, but I do it using only egg whites.
Richard said…
Hmmm ... the yolk is the best part.

When I was a kid, my mother would mix up the raw yolk with sugar and I'd eat that.

I have low cholesterol levels (below the low end of the norm), which is bad because low blood serum cholesterol levels are linked to increased cancer risk.

I guess you get your pick, heart disease or cancer ;-)
Mum2One said…
I think exactly the same about eggs. I try to get my son to eat as much eggs as possible too. Used to fry him 2 eggs of omelette each morning for breakfast but he's not eating them now so I'm having to come up with something else. I tried the french toast with K but he wasn't into it either. Maybe I should try again. K eats his meal properly 1 out of 5 times. It's frustrating when I make all this good meal and he just throws it on the floor or just plays with them.
Richard said…
Ahhhh ... the simple joys of being a parent. Isn't meal time just so rewarding? Doesn't it make you feel glad that you put love and care and effort into preparing a nutritious and fun meal?

Ha ha, probably not, just frustration as the kid refuses to eat and protests they don't like it.
ingrid said…
Mmmm.... that french toast looks fabulous.

I like eggs.
Richard said…
Eggs are good!

I also have a penchant for devilled eggs, but it is to much effort for so little pleasure.
vina said…
isn't the yolk supposed to be high in cholesterol? it is best to eat only the egg whites, doctors would say.

nevertheless, i don't like egg whites. give me yolks anytime.
Buddy said…
Hey man,

French toast or buttermilk pancackes w/ real VT maple syrup is to die for (Canadian maple syrup is nice, too, but this VT-er is prejudiced.).

Also, throw in some blueberries, fresh of course, and you've got some heaven.

Read your bio. Dig Buddy Holly, JLL & all the rest, too.

Nice post, Bud
Richard said…
vina: yes, the yolk is considered high in cholesterol. However, cholesterol is not all bad. You want the heavy cholesterol HDL (which is what the yolk has) because it mops up things in your blood. You want to avoid the light cholesterol LDL because it is the stuff that clogs up your arteries.

As well, low blood cholesterol serum levels (like I have) increase the risk of cancer - so I need to eat more eggs and go on an Atkins diet ;-)

buddy: thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. On Sunday I sliced fresh strawberries and ripe bananas on the French Toast and then sprinkled with some sugar.
Sassy Lady said…
My kids dont have any problem with eating omelette or fried egg with chopped onions or even half boiled egg with dark soy sauce n pepper...

A friend taught me a different way of making omelette..mix abt 2tbsp of fresh milk, finely chopped onions, light soy sauce and sautee with a bit of butter..tastes great..the light soy sauce is a replacement for it wont be salty, just nice..
Richard said…
sassy: soya sauce is a nice way to enhance flavour, but we find Jason reacts badly to things containing MSG.
Wow! Do you do meals On Wheels?!!! Looks fabulous and delicious! But I gotta watch cholesterol!

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