Of elderly men, automatic doors and 4 year olds

Yesterday, we enjoyed Saint Jean Baptiste Day celebrations in Montreal (officially called Fete Nationale in Quebec). Seeing that Jason was sniffly, we went to the drug store to b some antihistamines for him.

As we were approaching the door, an elderly gentleman was entering. He opened the right side door to allow himself in and then proceeded to slide through the gap.

Jason, like all eager kids, ran to press the automatic door opener (associated with the left door). This resulted in the door opening and knocking the man back. Seeing this and that the man had let go of the right side door, so it began closing on him, which would result in his back being struck by it pushing him towards to opening left side door. The vision of him being pinned between two doors two doors - one opening and the other closing made me rush forward to catch the door and open it completely. However, this did not stop the man from falling back and bumping into me - thus getting knocked a second time.

He muttered confusion as to what had happened.

I apologized for Jason activating the automatic door and precipitating the whole incident.


Barbara said…
My kids have done the same thing!
ghee said…
I remember the incident:I was holding trays with our fastfood stuffs we ordered,I was entering the sliding door of the mall to the balcony where my family was waiting when suddenly,out of nowhere,a boy ran to me and I lost my balance.The result,the large cokes fell of the ground.I was expecting an apology or at least a hand,from the father coz he was there and he saw what happened.But he didnt,and I ws really disappointed.While I was cleaning up the mess,the father came back and apologized though it wasnt from his heart.Too late!

I could say that you understand your own responsibilty being the father of your son.Those little acts mean a lot.
Richard said…
barbara: I am glad to hear I am not the only one. It is the first time I have seen something like that happen. I wonder how frequent an occurence it is?

ghee: I am sorry to hear that ghee.
vina said…
hi tito richard, i just want to say thank you very much for the beautiful birthday greeting, with a little help from shakespeare.

take care!

and oh, i hope that old man wasn't really hurt nor got really mad by the whole incident...
Richard said…
vina: I don't think he was hurt, just confused.
Sassy Lady said…
Good to know that the old man is fine...but scarred with confusion..hee

Jason on the other hand meant well although his timing is bad..he has a kind heart. Cant blame him though.
Richard said…
sassy: I don't think Jason was even aware of the man. I thinkhis only focus was to be the first to press the automatic door opener. I am sure the old man will survive.

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