Easy ice cream recipe

JJ has eczema and while doctors (here and in Peru) insist it has nothing to do with his diet, we know otherwise (it is one of my peeves of people in sciences, they wear extreme blinders, if it is not published in a peer reviewed journal, it isn't real. They are well disciplined reject anything that is not accepted dogma). Dairy, nuts (of any sort), soy, spinach and MSG definitely aggravate his condition. Fortunately, he seems to tolerate goat's milk fine.

For frozen desserts, he was always limited to gelato or sorbet, recently I have been making him ice cream from goat's milk and it is surprisingly easy to do.

1 litre (4 cups) milk
100g (4oz, about 2/3 cup) icing sugar
1 341ml frozen drink concentrate

Combine the ingredients, mix until blended and put in the freezer. Periodically mix, scraping down the frozen stuff on the side. I mix it about once every 45 minutes or so. After 4-6 hours it will get fairly stiff and you can stop mixing it and let it freeze on its own.

The original recipe called for 400ml of milk and juice from freshly pressed raspberries. I thought my way was simpler. I will try cutting the sugar next time because it is plenty sweet (although, I am sure the sugar helps minimize large ice crystal build up).


mattbg said…
You can also use honey to stop the ice crystal formation... though that'd be far more expensive!
Richard said…
mattbg: that is a good idea. He likes honey. I suppose corn syrup might be effective too. Although, I am sure the original recipe simply called for sugar to sweeten the ice cream.
Barbara said…
Good for you! That sounds about as easy as my home-made yogurt, which as I recall you turned your nose up to!
Richard said…
barbara: I didn't exactly turn my nose up on it. I did make homemade yogurt when I was younger, but didn't like the taste. I may try again because Jason absolutely adores yogurt and many times would steal and eat one or more. Unfortunately, it aggravates his eczema. We did manage to find goat milk yogurt (flavoured), but it was too acid - even sweetening it didn't help.
freckled-one said…
I've never actually had goats milk but I'm sure it's terrific. What a great alternative and I bet he loves being able to have ice cream instead of sorbet. It's just not the same.
Richard said…
freckled-one: I think it tastes like cow milk. Sofia thinks it tastes like a wet hairy goat. She doesn't like lamb either.
aka R'acquel said…
This sounds like fun :) I'm going to try this and see how it goes by loading it up with heaps of mixed berries. Might experiment by using yoghurt too.

> they wear extreme blinders, if it is not published in a peer reviewed journal, it isn't real

I haven't been a fan of this either. Good to see you learn the known aggravators at your end.

What's JJ's quality of sleep like?
Hye said…
Hmmmnn, Yummy... I want to make my own ice cream. Thanks for sharing the recipe. By the way, you had just received an awards today coming from me. Check it out at Space of Reality

Does milk powder aggravate his condition? I know someone who breaks out in rashes everytime he has diary products, but powdered milk doesn't seem to hurt him. he buys a brand called NIDO which is available in world markets.
Sweetiepie said…
This is a simple recipe.I don't pretty like goat milk cuz it has strong goaty flavour.But i think goat milk has better nutritious
Richard said…
aka r'acquel: it is actually not that bad. I had previously put off making ice cream because I didn't want the hassle of constantly stirring it. But ... it turns out it is not so bad.

To be honest, scientists are really no different from Fundamentalists - they only believe, in the most unimaginative way, that what is written.

JJ sleeps fine.

hye: go for it. It is really not that hard or time consuming. I will check out your generosity soon. Thanks.

macadamia: I have never tried milk powder. I would assume it does, unless they remove some of the protein. It is usually the protein that triggers a response from the body. He does not have an IgE response to milk, consequently he is deemed not to be allergic (and we never said he is). However, something in the milk (and MSG, spinach, and nuts) aggravates his eczema. Since eczema tends to be an autoimmune issue, it may be aggravated through some other immunological response (IgA, IgG, or IgD) or maybe some completely other mechanism. The problem is that scientific literature does not mention or recognize any other cause. Therefore they ignore the information we present to them because it does not fit their world model. If something doesn't fit, people commonly ignore it.

sweetiepie: ha, ha. You are like Sofia in not liking goat milk. I think it tastes the same as cow. Yeah, it is an easy recipe. It takes 5-6 minutes to prepare and just needs less than a minute of effort every hour or so for a few hours.
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