What Superhero am I?

You're Iceman from the X-Men movies

You're the coolest person around! When other people's tempers heat up, you find a way to stay calm and focused. You're great at staying cool physically, too - who needs air conditioning when you can regulate your own body temperature? Like Bobby Drake, you might have trouble communicating with your family, but you have supportive friends who understand you. Since you never have to worry about getting too hot or too cold, you're great at outdoor sports like snowboarding.

(I had hoped for Spiderman.)

Nimbly nabbed from Elvina's blog.


Hye said…
A tag is waiting for you at Space of Reality. Check it out and have fun ;D See you there.

aka R'acquel said…
hehehe - this was fun. I can relate to staying cool like this just through the challenges of motherhood.
ghee said…
oh,youre iceman,,,why is that?because you have a cold heart Richard?LOL,just kidding dear :D

Happy weekend ahead!!

TorAa said…
Not that far way?

watch out, it's Leap years day.Lol.

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Sweetiepie said…
Iceman sounds nice better than fireman.hehe!Why spiderman?
Richard said…
hye: I will check it out. Thanks.

aka’r’acquel: I see you did it twice.

ghee: I certainly hope not.

toraa: thanks, I will check it out.

sweetiepie: Spiderman was one of my favourite cartoon characters when I was a kid. The cartoon series from the 1960s is fantastic, much better than the more modern cartoons.
Wow you can keep my drinks cold! Nice!!
Richard said…
elvina: right now, you can just keep your stuff outside. Plenty cold up here in Canada and plenty of snow. You should have spent your Christmas over here, instead og London. This is one of those Winters we only get once every 50 years or so.

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