Not easily grossed out, but ...

I find this picture pretty nauseating. It is sarcophagid larvae in the gums of an Israeli man. Aside from live maggots crawling around in his gums, the condition of his teeth also leave a lot to be desired.

Image nabbed from here.

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That is gross!!! Is that true or just edited or created with Photoshop? I can't see it any longer. Gross ;(

Hye of Space of Reality
And so you felt the need to share?

It's pretty strange going from the chocolate post to this one. I feel conflicted. ;)
hye: I have no reason to believe it is a Photoshopped image. However, I am unable to locate the original source for it. I can only trust the site I got it from. The teeth are unnaturally shaped, showing evidence of being ground down. As well, he has severe bone loss and recession of the gum line.

ingrid: it might be gross, but I did not think it was offensive. Its proximity to the chocolate lava cakes did not occur to me, I just wanted to get a post up.
hehe... no offense taken. i was referring more to my own weird associations :)
This is horrible! Why don't people take better care of their teeth? I can sort of understand if they're poor and don't have a plan but I know some who have great plans and have hardly any teeth!!
Soooo sick! Yuck... I'll be sure to thank my dentist next time I see him.
change your post...i have to keep my eyes closed!
That is so horrifying!! I have missed your blog, Richard, although coming back to this post was not quite what I was expecting! :) Hope all is well with you!
Hi Richard,

Three awards are waiting for you ;D Check it out at Space of Reality
ingrid: I didn't think I had offended you, just clarifying that one of the reasons to post was that it was non-offensive.

MOI: we can equally ask why people fail to take reasonable care of themselves.

freckled-one: ha ha, I think your dentist will thank you.

kaymac: yeah, it does get to be a bit much to look at.

breal: nice to see you back. I suppose that can be a bit unsettling.

hye: thanks. I will check them out.
how did he get maggots in his gums?????

ey richard, on another topic. i read again your comment on my post re my wish to have a new job and you said that i should be careful coz you got to work for 80+ hours. i think i know now what you mean. hehe ;p
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