Certified Honest Blogger

Certified Honest Blogger

While I was taking a little lie down back in January, Hye awarded me a Certified Honest Blogger award.

I believe this is the first blogging award I have recieved.

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Well deserved. I can think of no better way to describe you! This seems to be the season for Blogger awards...
Congratulations. Honest you are. I would add integrity and authenticity to that as well! Hope this comment finds you well!
Congratulations...and might I add...that you are soo deserving!
I agree with barbara, b and kaymac. No one is more worthy of an honesty award. xo Richard!
barbara: thanks.

breal: nice to see you back again. How is the sojourn going?

kaymac: thanks. I see you are back as well.

ingrid: now you are making me blush.
congratulations on your award!:)
sweetiepie: thanks.
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