Just because it doesn't really make any sense

Four clips from my favourite Marx Brother's movie, Animal Crackers.


aka R'acquel said…
hehehe. My brother & I are huge fans of the Marx Brother's. My most memorable laugh'n'hack-attack was with the mirror scene in Duck Soup - hmm Duck Soup in general but i've enjoyed so many of their films. Have fond memories of singing "Who Dat Man" & "Lydia The Tatooed Lady" with my brother and I've taught my son how to sing the deadpan nanny version of rock-a-bye-baby which features in the "Sing While You Sell" song.

They sure had a devine way with words ;)
Richard said…
aka r'acquel: I think you are refering to Blow That Horn, Gabriel, which I think happens at the end of A Day at the Races. It is s great number.
aka R'acquel said…
Yep - that's the one! My husband is in the whistle business, he was looking for that song. Thanks for your reply - it helped me to finally source it on You Tube! ;D

How did the Marx Brothers enter into your life? Do you like the other comedians from that era as well?

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