Myers-Briggs Personality Test

INTP - "Architect". Greatest precision in thought and language. Can readily discern contradictions and inconsistencies. The world exists primarily to be understood. 3.3% of total population.
Free Jung Personality Test (similar to Myers-Briggs/MBTI)

I pretty much agree with the statement "The world primarily exists to be understood."

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I posted my results on my blog and my result seems rather accurate as well. Do you not agree with the first two sentences in your results? They seem accurate from my perspective.
breal: well ... I *think* I am precise in thought and language and I *think* I easily discern contradictions, but those are subjective self-perceptions of me versus the outside world. However, the single sentence I picked out states pretty much how I percieve the world.
Interesting idea Richard. I always have the feeling the world would get on very well without me, thank you! So, this gives me the excuse to duck my head and only partake of the bit of world I'm interested in. However, it also gives me a big complex that I don't know hardly a thing about the world, and I quite possibly should make more of an effort!! :-D
I'd have to say of what I know of you from your comments elsewhere (mostly MOI's) that you do also seem very able to discern contradictions and inconsistencies, and are as precise as anyone would wish to be!
(excuse the language if it looks all funny - the style I'm writing in for the nanowrimo twists my mind :-S )
I took a longer version of this test and learned that I'm INFJ. So is one of my closest friends. This combination is supposedly found in 1% of the population. Are we weird or what??
annelisa: ha ha, there are a number of ideas in your post and I am not sure I disentangled them all. I am sure the world would miss you very much, you always come across to me as an abundant giver. Thank you for the compliments!

tena: I can point you to another INFJ - breal, first commentor on this post. It would seem that it is not so rare as advertised.
I know...it is difficult to separate ourselves objectively to analyze the assessment, isn't it? I like the statement you chose and I really appreciate that aspect of your character. And now that has me thinking...why do I think the world primarily exists? Hmph. Definite food for thought.
breal: oh, I think I am plenty objective, but if I open my mouth to that, I sound arrogant ;-)
Interestingly, I took two other forms of th MBTI and those results indicate that I am INFP, not INFJ. Here's more on INTPs: http://keirsey.com/handler.aspx?s=keirsey&f=fourtemps&tab=5&c=architect
breal: I can flip-flop between INTP and INTJ. It depends on my mood when I take the test. Some tests will give you a percentage breakdown and I am always very close to 50% on P or J
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