Why Men Die For Women

Got this in my e-mail this morning: always fresh, always hot.


People send me a lot of e-mails as Fw:'s and some of them are keepers and fit to pass on..then others are becoming tedious those about old age,male and/or female bashing,and even those about passing on angels. maybe I'm just becoming de-sensitised to all of them now and feel like others are sick of me passing them on so I'm really quite selective now.
Richard said…
kaymac: :-)

MOI: I don't have that problem. I let people know that I hate receiving FWed e-mails. If they want to keep in touch with me, they should send me real content.

Needless to say, this does not go over well. Sofia complains I scare away our friends because I am too gruff.

This came from a friend who does respect my e-mail. She rarely sends non-personal messages, but they are always worthwhile if she does.

This is a single slide from a collection of slides. If you want, I can e-mail the whole collection to you.

Aside from the recipe exchange I spammed people with a while back, I never send out or forward e-mails. I only got one or two recipes out of it. sigh. And I thought it was really a good idea (much better than those, "Send this 77 of your closest friends and you will be rewarded on the first full moon falling on a Thursday when it rains").
Tena said…
I think that should be why men deserve to die.

Congrats on surviving the first week of NaBloPoMo.
Whiskoffee said…
oops! with this kind of barber, you arejus plain unlucky. =p
Richard said…
tena: I know, men are fools to shave, we should all wear beards

whiskoffe: this is why I always get my cuts by a female, I don't trust men to do me well (too much temptation to eliminate the competition).
No, I don't really want the whole collection, but thanks. It has a Norman Rockwell look or feel to it in a way. My husband gets his hair and beard cut by the barber in town who is so busy telling him the latest gossip, that he always massacres it! I love beards and if I were a guy, I'd certainly have one...sure saves time in the morning!
Richard said…
MOI: I have always found I get a better haircut from women. Or maybe it is just I prefer women to muss with my hair.
b said…
I think that as women we sometimes feel and/or claim that men are fools for being so wonderstruck by other women... but we really do enjoy feeling that we have the ability to do that to men! :)
Richard said…
breal: Sofia says the same. She says she misses being whistled as in Peru.

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