"[D]eath is an unfortunate aspect of this work, but we hope to derive lots of information from it."

Scientist commenting on the death of a 405 year clam killed in the name of science. It is the oldest known animal on record. Or should that be was the oldest known animal? Either way, it is little consolation to the clam.

You can read the article here


Barbara said…
I can imagine nothing more boring than living at the bottom of the ocean for 405 years. But then I'm not a clam.
Tena said…
Happy first day of NaMoBloPo!
I suppose if they had asked the poor thing his last wish he'd have just clammed up anyway! HA!
b said…
I cannot remember what I was going to say in this comment as soon as I read MOI's comment and started laughing! :)
Richard said…
barbara: I'm sure the clam thought the same way about attending concerts and dinner parties.

tena: thanks. So far, I am on a roll!

MOI: how very droll.

breal: that's me straight man to the world.

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