Pitaya / Dragon Fruit (火龍果/火龙果)

I picked up this fruit last week from Loblaws. Quite pricey at $6.99 each.

It is obvious that it is a cactus fruit. I thought it would be similar to cactus pears (which I enjoy). Cactus pears for between $0.79 and $0.99 (when we were in Peru, we could buy them off the street 6 for 1 Sol, about $0.35, and the lady with calloused hands, would peel them for you)
I started by cutting off the ends.
A beautiful white flesh with small seeds surrounded by a pretty purply-pink skin.
The flesh and seeds in side are very much like that of a Kiwi (except white instead of green). I was surprised since I was expecting lots of large seeds (like the cactus pear). It was fairly tasteless, though this is likely because the fruit was picked long before being fully ripe. I am sure if I ever go to Southeast Asia, I will discover it to be lightly sweet and probably even juicier.

I am sure it is a good refreshment on a hot and sticky day.

Phot credits: Richard of Forbidden Planet


b said…
what a beautiful cactus fruit! The exterior coloring, the little seeds and white flesh...gorgeous. I would love to taste a ripe one, given your description!
Richard said…
breal: so would I! Maybe one of the Filipino or Singaporean visitors will let us know just how it is.
Cavalock said…
yup, thats a very expensive dragonfruit. we got ours here for bout US$1 each. even less sometimes.
Richard said…
cavalock: but is it as good as I imagine it should be?
aCey said…
i love the malay dragon fruit! it looks like cookies and cream ice cream inside, noh? :) thanks for dropping by my blog! i hope you visit again and again. :)
Richard said…
acey: definitely cookies and cream. I will definitely cisit a few more times. However, I cannot promise I will be a regular visitor.

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