Ooooh. Look at all the pretty colours.

What is a blog from Canada without some Fall pictures. I didn't manage to get too many shots off this Fall. The sun seemed to conspire against me. Everytime I was out with my camera, it seemed to be cloudy. Nonetheless, I did manage to snap a few and here is a selection.

Photo credits: Richard of Forbidden Planet


b said…
Gorgeous shots, Richard. I particularly like the distant "island" shot. I have not taken ANY shots this autumn and this too is disturbing to me. Granted, I no longer have a camera. :)
Coffee fairy said…
wow! fall in Canada is lovely!
Richard said…
breal: The island is this one. (I think, it is the only one I can see from the aerial shots that is in the area I took the photo).

I guess we know what is on your Christmas list.

coffee fairy: all the more reason for you to come to Canada. Not only that, but we get a real Winter with real snow and real ice and real cold.
Wow! Excellent shots! I love the island pic and the sumachs! Some of ours are not even turned yet, while others are bare!
Richard said…

It has been a bit odd this year (especially with the tar spots). On the other hand, the colours have been fantastic this year.

For the first time I noticed bi-coloured trees (maybe they have always been around, but I never noticed). I also was lucky to capture some great reds and oranges (again, need to sun to help out)

Lugging my camera around is a self conscious act - especially when I am taking pictures of trees on neighbours lots. Then there is the whole hassle of actually going out somewhere to take a picture (like the little island). That day had started off sunny, but then it clouded over by the time I got to the spot.

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