Who do I look like?

There is a web site that allows you to upload an image of yourself and it will try to match you against images fo various famous people in its database.

When I used my avatar image, I got pretty questionable results.

Using a 20 year old image, I am not sure the results are much better, but I do see some resemblence with Demi Moore - who looks like she could be my mom (at least from this angle). I don't see the similarity with the others.


Give it a try and if you are not too embarrassed by the result, post it on your own blog.


TorAa said…
Thanks for this information. It looks very interesting. I'll keep the URL, and come back to it when returning from our 15 days Vacation to Argentina
carra said…
I gave it a try... You can see the improbable results on my blog...
Richard said…
toraa: have fun in Argentina!

carra: I don't know how good their facial recognition software is. Based on my results and the results of others, they seem to match faces based primarily on orienation and shape. In other words, fairly crudely.

I think you definitely need to be prepared to laugh at the results.
inherwritemind1 said…
One more day, Richard.

I tried the face recognition and got, among other celebrities, Catherine Deneuve. I'll take that. I couldn't figure out how to post the image, though.
Richard said…
tena:The user interface is not entirely intuitive. Starting off with the link not going directly to the face recognition page. I thought I would need to do a screen capture (Alt-PrntScrn) and paste the image into my blog, but, fortunately, I was able find the page with the HTML text.

Catherine Deneuve ... ooh ... very classy.
ghee said…
wow!Johny Depp??Demi Moore??cool,Richard!!

ive done this last year,too and i enjoyed the results. :)
Richard said…
ghee: I don't think I look anything like Johhny Depp.

But it is fun to see who you get matched up with.

I remember you doing it a while back and having fun with it.

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