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Just to show that Cavalock is not the only one who can blog about food. Here is my meagre contribution.

While doing some shopping today, I noticed that there were some new flavour potato chips. I am always game for some exotic taste.

I also found some sliced foie gras. This is the liver of a duck that has been force fed until its liver is to the point of bursting. The price for this delicacy goes for a cool $130.05 per Kg (or, at the last exchange rate I saw, about US $139 per Kg). I hope it is good.

As you can see, the liver does not have that natural liver colour. It is also huge. It is 11-1/2 cm wide. And this is just a slice of it. I bet the duck was happy to get rid of it. I honestly can't imagine what the duck loocked like after being force fed so much.

I also bought these fancy tomatoes. How could I pass up so a gorgeous selection? We had them for lunch with the kids (although, Jason didn't have any since he doesn't like tomatoes, but he will eat ketchup with everything. Go figure).

Photo credits: Richard of Forbidden Planet


Tena said…
In Chicago a law was passed to ban the sale of foie gras in restaurants. The way they make foie gras (literally, fat liver) is disgusting.
Richard said…
tena: the foie gras was very good. Although, it still tastes like liver, but it is not as tough or coarse.
b said…
How were the exotic potato chips? I've admittedly never tried foie gras. I want to but when faced with it, I am very turned off by its appearance! And, much like Jason, I used to refuse to eat tomatoes but liked ketchup. In my mid 20s I came to appreciate tomatoes finally, although I still don't eat them on their own. You are right...beautiful, vibrant assortment. Great photo!
Richard said…
breal: I haven't tried the chips yet (trying to avoid eating everything at once. I have a long way to go back to my boyish figure. sigh).
KayMac said…
one year, my mom gave me "Chip of the Month" as a birthday gift. Each month, 3 or 4 bags of chips from all over the country would arrive with flavors that were not common to my "neck of the woods". We always had a party so my friends could sample w/us.
Richard said…
kaymac: that sounds like such a cool idea. Of course, you have to be into experimenting to go for it. I find most flavours are not really worth it. The General Tao chips taste a whole lot like All Dressed. The grossest taste for chips (potato or corn) is Ketchup, but I did have chili lime nachos a while back and had to through out the bag because I just couldn't eat them.
I can do chips of all flavours, especially roast chicken and roast beef, but I can not do liver of any sort...it seems like cat food to me! (And to my cats!)
Richard said…
MOI: liver is yummy. I prefer pork liver, although chicken livers are good too. Fry it up with butter and onions and you can just feel your arteries hardening.

I was surprised, but Jason was enjoying it too. He ate quite a bit of it.
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