"If anyone claims that nothing can be known, then he cannot even know this since he confesses that he knows nothing."

From On the Nature of the Universe by the Epicurean Roman poet Lucretius.

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Hi Richard,

Only seven more days... but who's counting? Have a good weekend.
tena: I wasn't counting. I normally blog fairly frequently (except when I don't). There were a couple of lame posts, but on the whole, it was a pretty good motivator to post daily. Thanks. I will try.
breal: I tihnk it is a good argument. I often find when men start arguing or discussing philosophical things, someone is bound to start the whole relativistic, nothing can be truly known tact (especially if they ar eon the losing end).
I agree! And so on to infinity...
MOI: ha ha, that is exactly when men trot out the “Nothing is really known. If you throw a table cloth over the table is the table still there or are we just seeing the form of the table, but the tables has disappeared from our perceptive reality? There are an infinite number of infinities (actually, there are: richard). And how do we really know there is an infinity if we can't count/measure it?"

"All nonsense put forth by men who pretend to be clever. Bah! Give me good stout, a solid axe and a comely wench. That is all a man needs, not airy nonsense."
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