It is getting cold

Since yesterday, it has been cold outside. Not cool, nor fresh, nor brisk, nor bracing, just cold.

Curling up in a comfy armchair, by a bright, sunny window with a hot cup of tea seems like a good idea.

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My daughter called in the middle of my workday to tell me it was snowing. sigh
kaymac: I saw a few snowflakes yesterday morning. Not much, enough to count on one hand.
We've had snow flurries here and it's been miserable. I can't wait till we get our gas fireplace installed. It's a 3-sided one we'll be able to see from all different angles! My cats will love it too! We'll be fighting over spots to sit in front of it.
MOI: my parent sused to have a wood stove. I used to loved the heat coming off it.
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