Bannock, Pemmican and smoked Fish

Ever wanted to run away from home? I have.

The last time was in late 1999, first half of 2000. I was really, really unhappy with my work environment. We had gotten a new engineering manager - the only nice thing about him that I can say is that he was very focussed on the end result. During that period, I felt like running away for two years or so. Go someplace green and warm just chill out. Needless to say, I wanted to be alone.

The only other time I can recall wanting to run away was when I was a kid. Probably between the ages of 8 and 11 (or maybe 9 and 11 - definitely while still in elementary school). This had nothing to do with a miserable home life - I just wanted adventure.

I wanted to run away and live in the forest. I had romantic visions of living inside the hollow of the trunk of some majestic tree.
I dreamt of being stuck in my little oasis for days on end in the winter as the temperature dropped below -40C, with howling winds and blowing snow making any venture outside too risky.

I didn't just think about it, I planned and prepared as well. I read books on wilderness survival. I studied camping catalogs and selected supplies. I considered how many pounds of potatoes and flour I would need to bring - checked prices on 50lb bags of potatoes.

I envisioned catching and smoking fish. Trapping small animals like hares and drying the meat to make pemmican with berries I gathered. I would collect mushrooms. I would make bannock.

I couldn’t understand why none of my friends had any interest in running away from home. Surely, everyone thinks like me? Don't they?

In the end, I didn't run away – I worried about my parents and how they would worry and miss me. My dreams shifted to more mundane things like having a nuclear powered rocket ship like Tom Swift and a secret laboratory and development facility hidden in some remote location.

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Sassy Lady said…
I had the same kinda wish when I was younger too..

The main reason simply was becos I was always bullied by my elder brother..who often led me crying and furthermore, my mum was not at home..working..she'll be back only when I was abt to go to sleep and I didnt get the chance to tell her abt my misery..

But I did manage to run away only to a few storeys a fren's place..only to go back home when its dinner time..hee

Now, the feeling have come back to me again..where can I run to?? ur place maybe..:wink'
ghee said…
Oh I was an adventurer when I was a kid..maybe until now,just dont have enough chance for it..

I used to ride some buses that would take me to another place,far more away from home...sit beside the window,feel the freshness of air..maybe i just needed some space..but as the bus reach the place,I`d ride again another bus that will take me home..I was only 16 when I did that,it was too risky in manila to travel alone.

my comin to Japan is part of my adventure,too..

I still feel that some of a time..
I stay at my friends house for a night..but i want more than that...
i want more solidarity outside my house.
Richard said…
sassy: hopefully your feeling of running away will pass. I think one of the motivators for running away (if not a bad situation) is being in a rut. I think a lot of us need to jumpstart our lives and get off the beaten path and try new things rather than doing the same routine everyday.

ghee: the buses in Canada are pretty safe. I used to ride my bike around the island of Montreal when I was in my teens - it was great and I really miss it.

Cool! I like the sentence "I want more sdolidarity outside my house." That is how I have always felt, I keep looking for it, but it seems so elusive.
Coffee fairy said…
Oh yes, I have had my runaway times myself. When I was a teenager, I remember I almost ran away after a heated argument with my mom. As in I had my clothes packed in a bag, me crying and was ready to go out of the house...but well of course, I knew I wouldn't pursue it because I know I'd be the loser in the end. =)
But I've always wanted to travel and wanted to be independent, so moving to Singapore was one of my best decisions made. But I've always felt I have this some kind of a nomad in me, because from time to time, I have to get away to someplace for a change of environment. I like routine but I change it occasionally.
Richard said…
coffee fairy: I am a curious mixture of one who loves new experiences and craves stability and security. I am very much a fence sitter on this one - since I do not lean heavily one way or the other.

I think you are lucky to have such a wanderlust within you. I had a Japanese friend who was the same (sadly, long time since we lost touch).

I have not travelled much, not even in Canada. In many ways, I am like one of my favourite authors, Jules Verne, an armchair explorer.

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