Many of you have accepted the situation of your imprisonment and will die here like rotten cabbages.

Found a 5 minute clip from one of my favourite episodes from The Prisoner: Free For All.

Short synopsis: After resigning from a sensitive government job, the prisoner is abducted from his home and brought to a place called The Village. A cosmopolitan place populated with people who have been similarly abducted. It is a story of his struggle to retain his individiuality in the face of increasing pressure to give in and become a model citizen. There are no names, only numbers. The prisoner is assigned the number 6.

In this episode, he is encourage to run in The Village elections for the position of number 2.


RennyBA said…
A very interesting movie and reminded me a bit of "Brave new world".
It also reminded me of that there is a government election in Sweden this weekend and it strokes me that it looks very much the same LoL
Have a lovely Sunday and a great week ahead:-)
ghee said…
I ve seen a movie entitled "the Village",too,though its really diffrent from this one,huh?

but its true that theres a real Village.

Richard said…
rennyba: The Prisoner is a very interesting TV series (at least for me) and, I think, still relevant today in the ideas it explores.

ghee: it has no connection with the movie "The Village". During the cold war it was believed that the Soviets had a Western training village for preparing spies to fit into the West. This was covered in an episode titled "Colony 3" in the TV series Secret Agent.

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